Interdisciplinary Forum Announcement

Followers of this blog may be interested in the following event, from our colleagues in Chile:

Paul O’Toole, Executive Director of iCubo,, writes:

I am writing to invite you to tune into our upcoming  Interdisciplinary Forum on Tuesday 9th November.

The event will consist of 3 panels, 2 in Spanish and a panel in English.

The English speaking panel will run from 10.15-11.30 Chilean time.

Attached are some graphics that we would be very grateful if you could use to help us promote the English speaking panel. The full event runs from 09.00-13.00hrs. Chile time. Attached is a PDF with the full programe (in Spanish).

This is the link in order to sign up for the event and watch it over Zoom (which allows interaction with the panelists via Q&A).
Please feel free to share this link with anybody who would like to take part so they can sign up.

Our 2nd version of this Forum will focus on “Interdisciplinary teaching and its relevance for the modern workplace” with discussion around the following themes:

  • How interdisciplinarity can help develop critical thinking skills and other so called “soft skills”.
  • Why these skills are relevant in an increasingly technological workplace.

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